Future Webinars

Our next webinar was going to be on social marketing and branding. Instead, we will be pulling together information on social marketing happening in communities across the province and feature a sampling on the website. So if your ECD coalition has implemented a successful social marketing campaign, we would love to hear from you! Send helendavidson@shaw.ca a brief outline of what you have done and she will get back to you to discuss how your community experience can be shared on the website.

Thank you to the 50+ people who joined us for Social Media 101! We hope you learned some new skills for the work you do as an early years community developers. We have debriefed the webinar and have decided that we need to do a bit more planning before we offer other webinars. While we have access to the expertise you have expressed interest in, we feel we need to to a bit more work on providing optimum webinar experiences. While we figure out the best way to move forward, we would like to engage you in other learning journeys.


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