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Are you new to Early Years Community Development work and would like to connect with an experienced community developer in your area? Sign-up below:


Mentors for Early Years Community Developers

Working Together

Are you new to Early Years Community Development work? Would you like to connect with an experienced community developer in your area?  The Early Years Community Development Institute ( has developed a mentorship program for new co-ordinators.

As we all know, community development work can feel quite isolating at times and we often don’t know who to turn to for guidance and support. The EYCDI is committed to building resiliency and competence among Early Years Community Developers. We know from personal experiences that mentoring can support co-ordinators in ongoing learning and can also provide that person to de-brief with.

Early Years Community Developer Mentors can provide you with:

  • A sounding board for questions you may have
  • Support and guidance in dealing with challenging situations
  • Help in finding relevant resources to support your work
  • An opportunity to connect with another professional doing the same work

Over a dozen experienced Early Years Community Developers have already signed on to be mentors and they want to connect and support you. With fewer opportunities these days for us to get together face-to-face, the EYCDI wants to ensure that you have the opportunity to connect with more seasoned colleagues on a regular basis. Some of you may already have a mentor or a support network, and that is wonderful. But for those who do not, or who might want to expand their network, we would like to offer you the opportunity to sign up as a mentee.

This project is being coordinated by Susan Foster, coordinator for the Tri-Cities ECD Committee and a member of the EYCDI Working Group. “I don’t think I would have lasted in my position had I not had the support and guidance of a wonderful mentor 7 years ago. My mentor helped guide me through my job description and prioritizing my tasks; she oriented me to the Early Years Community Development field and she was available to answer the dozens of questions that I had about how to handle delicate situations.” Susan shared, “I am passionate about the value of mentoring.”

Interested? Sign up by filling in the form on the left. We will do our best to connect you quickly with a mentor. You should receive an update within two weeks of your request. Questions? More information? Please feel free to either contact or send an email to

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