Community Collaboratives

Building and Strengthening Community Collaboratives

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Design Element 4

…is growing and sustaining local and/or regional multi-agency, multi-discipline, cross cultural community collaboratives who work together to improve services, supports and opportunities for very young children and their families.

Guiding Principles

Design Element 9
  • An effective ECD Community Collaborative positively impacts child level outcomes.
  • Capacity building activity improves an individual or a community’s ability to identify and meet challenges in a sustainable manner.
  • An awareness, understanding and acceptance of diversity supports the creation of meaningful partnerships.


Design Element 1
  • A variety of collaborative group processes for learning, planning, action and evaluation.
  • The uniqueness of the particular cultures and ethnic groups locally represented.
  • The sources and key findings of the most up-to-date research and local knowledge on early child development.
  • The different interests, strengths, resources and power influences of the individuals and organizations represented in the community collaborative.


Design Element 5
  • Identify diverse community partners and nurture their readiness to engage
  • Take action to increase participation
  • Facilitate rich and productive group interactions.
  • Develop/revise a community ECD action plan.
  • Build relationships based on trust, transparency, inclusivity and open communication. 
  • Manage diversity and inclusion
  • Agree on common language
  • Establish communication and working practices

And working towards:

  • Understanding the governance arrangements of all partners
  • Planning, leading and managing transition and change
  • Pooling budgets to enhance provision of ECD services

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