Community Engagement

Community Awareness, Engagement and Education

To obtain a hard copy of the Community Awareness, Engagement and Education document, please feel free to download the PDF at the bottom of this page and print it out.

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Design Element 4

... to actively and meaningfully learn from and share information with different segments of the community to enhance knowledge, skills and behaviours that promote optimum child development opportunities.

Guiding Principles

Design Element 9
  • The neurobiological windows of opportunity, early in children’s lives, offers the most effective periods of investment in human development.
  • Social change will occur with persistence and optimism.


Design Element 1
  • How to select, translate and communicate ECD content knowledge for broader audiences.
  • Social marketing approaches that support change in people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Adult education principles to enhance learning.


Design Element 5
  • Develop a community engagement plan with consideration for multiple audiences.
  • Utilize a variety of media opportunities including radio, paper and print.
  • Participate in community awareness product design, development and dissemination.
  • Balance information dissemination with listening to ECD stakeholder’s perspectives.
  • Plan and manage community projects and events. 

And working towards:

  • Confident public speaking.
  • Applying new technology applications to improve engagement and communication.
  • Engage families in planning.

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