Public Policy

Understanding Political Context & Influencing Public Policy

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Design Element 4

…is a critical component of early years community development because it addresses the broad influences on children in society.


Design Element 9
  • Advocacy takes different forms and requires the context to influence the approach.
  • Strategic thinking and pro-active planning is more effective than reacting to issues.


Design Element 1
  • The process of public policy development.
  • How to apply the language of economics to ECD.
  • Where to find ECD advocacy resources.
  • How the ECD system is impacted by funding and political agendas at local, regional, provincial and national levels.


Design Element 5
  • Be a champion for children, young people and families.
  • Engage with and influence key stakeholders to develop and sustain ECD related action.
  • Advocate for the resources and capacities required for ECD action.
  • Constructively challenge political decisions in an appropriate and sensitive manner.
  • Secure cross-sector commitment for child well-being.
  • Reconcile political priorities and community needs.

And working towards:

  • Anticipating opportunities and conflict.
  • Leading decisions about investing and fund allocations.
  • Demonstrating accountability to service users and stakeholders.
  • Managing local priorities and the relationship between local, regional and national agenda.

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