Research & Accountability

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Design Element 4

…the use of and participation in research to analyze situations, explore options, understand possible outcomes and is then able to justify decisions from a sound knowledge base. 


Design Element 9
  • Evaluation identifies ways to improve action.
  • Culturally appropriate assessment is both critical and complex.
  • Sharing information spreads learning and collaboration.


Design Element 1
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques and applications.
  • The ECD research that supports best practice and systemic change.
  • How ECD policy changes affect local supports and services.
  • Who holds relevant ECD data and how to access it.


Design Element 5
  • Work with ECD stakeholders to identify needs, gaps and community assets.
  • Use research to collaboratively identify priorities as well as to refine and improve action.
  • Apply community capacity evaluation data to improve the activities of the Community Collaborative.
  • Translate ECD research to be relevant for different audiences.
  • Design and implement evaluation frameworks including measuring and monitoring outcomes

And working towards:

  • Writing reports that include references to literature and practice-based findings.
  • Creating governance structures for effective outcomes.
  • Promoting innovation and risk management.

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